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Puppy Checklist

1. Health:  Make sure you call your veterinarian and schedule your puppy's next shot visit.  Your new baby will come with age appropriate shots, but these, along with regular worming must be continued to keep you new baby healthy and protected.  We also recommend speaking with your vet concerning flea & tick protection. Weve had good luck with Bravecto.  Some of the products can be dangerous, speak in detail with your vet. 

2. Food: We recommend that you talk with your vet about picking out the perfect food for your baby.  Your new pup will come with a sample of his/her current food. We use professional breeders ROYAL CANIN .  The company says its equivalent is Royal Canin Small Breed Puppy.  Its a great food.  We have also had good luck with Solid Gold.

3. Dental Health: Please make sure to have your pups teeth checked regularly, brush them, and provide him/her with safe dental chews.  We like ProDen Plaque Off System Dental Care Bones & Better Belly Proteins.

4.  Playpen:  We recommend setting up a safe playpen to help with potty training, and to keep your baby safe if you are unable to supervise them.  It should be equipped with water, food, bed, toys, and potty box.  We recommend MidWest wire dog exercise pen 24" tall.  We also buy these from  They are safe, and affordable.  You can start out with it small, and as your puppy masters potty box training, it can be unfolded to give them more room.  Once they are pretty dependable, you can just leave it open and puppy can go in and out as they please.  They view it as their bedroom. Never use it as punishment.  The playpen should also contain a small, easy to wash bed.  I would get two, so you always have a spare clean and ready to go.  


5. Potty:  We recommend getting a "potty box" with a grid to cover the puppy pad.  It keeps the baby's feet clean, and prevents them from chewing the pads.  We like the Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Potty from Amazon.  If you like sides the Dog Charge is great!


6.  Bowls:  We like Luck Dawn Cat Crate Bowl Stainless Steel Removable Cage Bowls from Amazon.  They are easy to clean and stay in place.  Your dogs bowls should be washed each day in hot, soapy water.  We also bleach them once a week.  Dogs have a multitude of bacteria in their mouths that can build up in their water bowls and become unsanitary.


7. Toys:  Our #1 recommendation on toys is a  3" Jolly Ball.  They can be filled with treats, or it can be filled with kibble, run a little water through it and freeze.  If you feed your puppy their kibble in this way, it keeps them busy and entertained.  There are many toys on the market that can be filled with kibble.  We HIGHLY recommend this type of toy v/s plush toys that can come apart and choke your little one.   Your new baby will love them!

8. Exercise:  Daily exercise is VERY important to your puppy's well being and development.  If they dont get enough exercise daily, they can resort to destructive behaviors and barking.  Tired dogs are well behaved dogs, its true!

9.  Grooming:  Your new baby should have a bath and a good drying as needed.  Always use a high quality puppy shampoo, and make sure to dry your baby thoroughly.  Our favorite is Natures Specialties, which can be purchased on Amazon. 

10.  Harness/Leash:  We sell a particular type of harness that we have used for years and highly recommend.  Some of the "cute" harnesses on the market and not safe at all.  We have tried several of them and found that it is relatively easy for puppies to slip forward, through the oversized neck hole and escape.  This can be EXTREMELY dangerous.  

If you have any questions, or need help with training your new baby, we are always happy to help.  The owner of our company is a certified in several areas of dog training and psychology.  When you purchase a "Bayberry" you get lifetime support for our baby.  Our dogs are our world, and it is a pleasure, and an honor to share them with you!

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