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Pressure Canned Hamburgers & Gravy

You will prepare all of your supplies as you normally would for canning.  You will want to have your pressure canner filled with the proper amount of water, or low/medium heat, clean jars in the oven at 250 degrees, canning lids and bands in a pan of hot water ready to use, and towels on your countertop ready to house hot jars.  Have all of your tools ready and everything ready before you begin.

You will need.....
Hamburger- a quart will hold 5-6 burgers with onions & peppers in the bottom
Gravy packets, or the supplies to make your own
Fresh green peppers and onions if desired.

1.  Get all of your supplies set up as you normally would for canning.

2.  Fry your hamburger patties as you normally would.  You can chop your peppers and onions while you wait for them to cook.  Once cooked well, place them on a plate with a paper towel to remove as much grease as possible.  You may now make your gravy, either your own, or follow the instructions on the gravy packet. After making the gravy, prepare to pack your jars.

3.  Only pack one or two jars at a time, so your food stays good and hot.  Add enough onions to just cover the bottom of the hot jar.  Then, add a layer of chopped green peppers on top of them.  Then slightly bend the hamburgers if needed and stack them in the jars on top.  After the burgers are added add your hot, almost boiling gravy to the jars.  After you finish each one, WIPE THE RIMS REALLY WELL with a clean paper towel/cloth wet with vinegar.  We are dealing with fat, so it is SUPER IMPORTANT that the rims are spotless.

4.  After each jar is filled and wiped, add your hot lid, and band and place into the canner as your get them ready.  The idea is to keep everything really clean, and as hot as possible.  After all are loaded into the canner, add a little vinegar to the canning water and add your top.  After the canner starts to vent, set timer for 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes of venting add your weight.

5.  Please check the proper times for meat at your altitude.  For me, here in VA , i will process the jars at 10 lbs of pressure for 90 minutes for quarts.  You can do pints as well.  For me they would process for 75 minutes.  

6.  After processing, let jars sit in canner until pressure reaches 0.  After this occurs, carefully remove weight (it will be hot) and let them rest 10 minutes more in the canner.  After this time has passed, carefully remove jars and allow to cool.  

7.  I let them cool overnight.  In the morning, i wipe them off with vinegar/water and remove bands before storing.