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Turn Out Schedule A


Turn Out Schedule A


Feeding Schedule

Simon-1-scoop compactor     Elivis-1-scoop compactor     Chico-1-scoop compactor     Edward-1-scoop from compactor     Rosie-1/2 scoop from "puppies" tub     Violet 3/4 scoop from "puppies" tub     Cream-1-scoop from compactor     Ama-1-scoop from compactor     Maline-3/4 scoop from puppies     Marigold-1-scoop from compactor     Fern-1-scoop from compactor     Pedro-1-scoop from compactor
All dogs get better bellies bone or greenie daily (except edward who may only have greenies)  They may also be given treat filled Kongs on dry food in Kongs befor 12 noon
*All puppies food is removed at 12, water bowls at bedtime

Treadmill Schedule
Rosie- 1 hour at 1.0-1.5
Cream & Fern- 1 hour at 2.0-2.5  1/2 hour at 1.0-1.5
Marigold- 1 hour at 1.5
Ama-1 hour at 2.0-2.5 
Simon & Chico 1 hour at 2.0-2.5
Edward 1/2 hour at 1.0 SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES
Daily Chores
Puppy pads should be changed every two days and boxes cleaned out with Natures Miracle
All pens should be wiped out with cleaner daily
Waters should be washed and refilled daily
Dogs should be brushed, deodorized and checked over daily
Turf is cleaned and sprayed with disinfecting spray (big jug sprayer) A.M. and P.M.
Dog room should be dusted, fan cleaned and mopped every other day
All outdoor turf pens should be cleaned daily, waters filled, and sprayed with disinfecting spray once a week.
Bedding in dog houses should be checked, refilled or replaced weekly

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